Hi! My name is Kiki (Kitana Andrews) and I am a NSCA certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and the founder of Sweat CultureNYC.


I’ve learned so much throughout my ongoing journey in fitness: there isn’t one perfect body type, fit comes packaged in many different shapes, and there isn’t one way to achieve your goals. 


I want to share what I’ve learned with people; I want to be a part of the fitness journeys of many. 


To me there is nothing better than seeing a client progress in strength, build confidence, and transform their body and mind as they smash goals and create new ones. 


I believe in reality; not perfectly lit images with fauxspirational captions. 


Sometimes life does get in the way and we fall off the wagon. I want to be that person who picks you up, dusts you off, and helps you back on.